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 The woman successful in another realm

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PostSubject: The woman successful in another realm   Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:27 am

According to tradition, christian louboutin outlet the women all obedient, housework, not only belongs to DiMeiShunYan, dares to back is heresy, janet should enjoy daughter-in-law of labor result! Then, from the perspective of economics, virtuous women are doing things that others share not because she enjoy service and labor pay. Therefore, virtuous women are free of the labor, not to create any value!

We look at life virtuous woman! They wholeheartedly for the family, to family happiness rather than sacrifice their own youth. They maintained at all costs in the home, eat the delicious good drink because of poor families, to wear generally because begrudges his money. black christian louboutin pump As long as a good family, children, the man does not suffer less virtuous woman, even become yellow face for his money even shiva doing hairdressing.

In order to make her happy, happy, parents-in-law virtuous woman often hard-working, not tired, also don't complain, is to let people regard her, like her, and theirs, settling again have what differentiation? You yourself?

Woman not necessary to others and injustice,christian louboutin glitter shoes with a big arch "intangible" to the oneself! Women should live for oneself. Take a day to turn around the time point out family dress up oneself, let oneself everyday to keep youth and vigor, Do you like to do a thing, work and career will never betray you are right, there is strength, Cultivate a take shots and others don't despise you!

The woman must remember: the modern "virtuous", and "smart" should be more, "independence". Smart, christian louboutin online store do some of his return true, so it will be more fun!

Life geometry, youth much! Woman: yes, cherish life's journey, to live for oneself once!
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PostSubject: Re: The woman successful in another realm   Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:03 am

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The woman successful in another realm
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