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  Freedom of speech is to control the necessary public rights abuse

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PostSubject: Freedom of speech is to control the necessary public rights abuse   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:39 am

Admittedly, "power corrupts" is due to the nature of man,UGG Classic Argyle Knit Any master of public power of people have the power, abusing power abuse and rational motivation, thus controlling male right abuse is realized by any virtuous system key targets. Both top-down centralized control or the balance between the branches, the objective is to through the interaction between the official control effectively prevent the government corruption and public rights abuse. However, the same shall be acknowledged, no matter how good the system design is bound to power corruption, thus leaving holes need more fundamental control mechanism.
Since the control of male ultimate purpose is to let the government really "serving the people", and the final motive power control from people, Only let people's government, the direct supervision to prevent abuse of authority, and the people. The government's supervision is a fundamental premise is informed, if don't know what the government supervision ",discount UGG boots "what about? But people also apparently didn't expect the government itself off his short, so only rely on independent and constitutional protection news agency. In this sense, the reporter is people "and". On this basis, the people themselves must also have comments and criticism, and through the freedom of the press, "will sound amplification" megaphone to misuse of public authority of government officials have touched and compensate balances system.
America, through long-term practice separation congress impeached President, a presidential veto legislation congress not appropriate, the federal court review the constitutionality of the legislation and administrative behavior legality of elaborate design, as compared to effectively control the federal government's public rights abuse. But even so, power corruption or transfers, If no news agencies, the brave exposure to disclose the corruption in people forever, even under the nose of the whole society as tacit "rule". News from the courage and the constitution as the criterion of freedom,UGG nightfall black carefully protecting a government can suppress the media apparently couldn't jie government officials or short.
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Freedom of speech is to control the necessary public rights abuse
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