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 The western academic system

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PostSubject: The western academic system   Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:02 am

Professor system is the western country exists in the university is one of the basic system,UGG Classic Argyle Knit it is "behind the professor managing concept of". In today's American university, the council system has quite mature, which ensure the academic community of effective control of academic affairs, promote the academic progress. Usually, the state legislature or university charter authorized management of university, the university board of directors and management power granted part council. The council consists of 3 kinds of personnel: one is the lifetime of professors (including professors and associate professors and assistant professor), The professor (including lifelong office assistant professor, specializing in research, teaching and scientific research associate professors and professors), Special policy center and research institutions, and is responsible for the senior academic management leadership. discount UGG boots Every year, the council meeting regularly review report and the decision of parliament passed the report.

2 for the university of general academic lunch at noon on a discussion, invite active in academia, civil society, public organizations and so on as the character to build academic, the free exchange of ideas. Any participant is voluntary and faculty and students can participate in,UGG nightfall black and usually have a free lunch and drinks, hope to build a freely discuss atmosphere.
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The western academic system
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