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 Australian government profile

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PostSubject: Australian government profile   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:33 am

Australia's federal and state, the house of representatives and the senate.UGG Classic Argyle Knit The house and senate by universal suffrage by the states and territories voters elected representatives, federal Supreme Court set. The federal parliament, the federal parliament house, by the queen, the senate. Their duty is to discuss and modify the bill through various laws, the federal government and the supervision and administration.
Now the house is representative of 148, directly elected by the people, according to the state population and 3 years selected proportion. The house was discussed in more than half the time must be submitted after the majority, the senate. The senate has senator seventy-six, its quota allocation is each state 12, northern territory capital and the two components, the senate tenure is 3 years. The national interests involving major problems and to amend the constitution in the national press ticket before voting in the house and the senate,discount UGG boots must be in the majority with more than half of the proposal to change the constitution, particularly solemn. Vote is every citizen's obligation to Australia, as long as you with, want to avoid election eligible voters are hard, otherwise will be punished. According to the constitution, Australia, 1 set by the British queen appointed, representing the queen in the commonwealth powers. But the constitution, the governor in the exercise of power administrative committee must obtain prior to the executive committee, and the heads of the prime minister, is the power is subject to the prime minister.
The governor is the queen's representative. But the fact is symbolic of the monarchy. Administrative power by an elected cabinet, the prime minister's cabinet that controls the leaders.UGG nightfall black Prime minister general or house majority leader.
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Australian government profile
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