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  The history of the CPC refuse a traitor

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PostSubject: The history of the CPC refuse a traitor   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:47 am

In the execution of the kuomintang had a communist party,UGG Classic Argyle Knit have become sworn enemies, it's history of great ironies.
In the history of the Chinese revolution, and some in the revolutionary ranks of the firm, even a traitor, and was eventually history relentlessly, In this colorful traitors, so-called "senior traitor" before "revolutionary pioneers from metamorphosis" and "the anti-communist counterrevolutionary pioneer in the anti-communist", become theorists for "scholar" and "work".
Different from the GuShunZhang, xiang zhongfa mutiny on the revolutionary cause sudden directly from harm, zhang duoxi, etc, and came FanShen counterrevolutionary spy and celebrated,discount UGG boots once the well-known revolution RenZhuoXuan advanced YeQing (ZhengXue) and corn - both from after the revolution, since in the so-called "three people's principles" to "scholar", face, and to the so-called "principles of theorists" in history.
Especially, it YeQing opera "suddenly turn hostile" living example. His early work, and FuFa zhou enlai, deng xiaoping etc together organize and conduct the communist movement, the party branch secretary was in Europe. And when he was alive after the execution of the counter-revolution, but for the kuomintang, actively anti-communist as heavyweight, 1949, making the CPC announced on January 2nd batch criminals list, his name in awesomely row (hu shi, YuBin, ranked first and last name 57 - the author notes).
Before we seldom "visit these characters, in fact, from their life trajectory,UGG nightfall black the variable can be summed up the Chinese revolution, regulating the many lessons.
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The history of the CPC refuse a traitor
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