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 Digital is very important, because represents life

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PostSubject: Digital is very important, because represents life   Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:21 am

Philippine President blame media live gunners mastered the police deployed,UGG Classic Argyle Knit the impact of the rescue. Strange, unless the tourism bus has television can live, or the gunners take the phone, you can watch TV or other equipment.
But live for spectators, especially those who are really affect on the family, friends of the hostages, etc. Because the Hong Kong tour is hijacked, for all the people in Hong Kong, it is abnormal anxious. Because of this, every one is a digital life.
Who knows what happened on the bus. After hearing, the driver escaped down, the local media quoted the driver's words, the right people on-board. And the news media quoted by different immediately. But Hong Kong media interviews immediately in the Chinese embassy officials confirmed that the other driver said, he fled, hostages were safe. Actually the driver and chaos, his judgment cannot be accurately, panic, and he will avoid bullets, looking for opportunities to escape, he could see someone in the gun. If you see the police from the passengers on the bus,discount UGG boots also cannot judge each other conditions that might be injured coma, may be shock, also may have died.
Because the televised pictures, everyone can judge for yourself, and may also likely to judge fault, but for the media, according to the picture to the judge, and the judge told the audience, the effect is completely different, because the audience will believe media say that is so. This is the professional media coverage in the very carefully, phrase, especially in the number of deaths reported, rather than use at least two words, "" to avoid the audience.
The news media, has officially announced, others rely on their contacts, or grab materials, such as the site, and chat with the police, the other party may not gossip doctor saw, but heard rumors, some media, will put these rumours as news reported. If you think the police the truth, as well as their media. Actually this optional, largely because of the dead person, and not the Philippines for their audience, no cut skin feeling, just figures. This attitude in other media also can see.
Many netizens criticize me, why the obsession with ten men, or death,UGG nightfall black for nine professional media, it represents the digital, accurate life is the most basic.
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Digital is very important, because represents life
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