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 Japan had baffled why China's young generation such anti-japanese

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PostSubject: Japan had baffled why China's young generation such anti-japanese   Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:53 am

Remember in university,UGG Classic Argyle Knit a professor of English department of the word still impressive, il paron. This is what he said: "in Europe, Russia, Britain's mistrust of nearly sick. This word here is sick, just think everyone knows derogatory distrust." these years, I have been thinking that this interesting, and was surprised to find that the island, the Japanese can also accordingly: "in Asia, and the Chinese to Japanese distrust of nearly sick." oh, this is providence lane?
69 years ago that a war of aggression against China, Japan, China's national fountain of upsurge, Japanese people get a higher than British people "honor" : in our life on this planet, nearly a quarter of the population nearly 14 million (China) in Japan this nation is a morbid mistrust. This is really intriguing. China is a country with 5,000 years of civilization, the doctrine of decorum. Claims repaid in modesty,discount UGG boots virtue, But Japan actually has the ability to make such a country down all the goodness, sublimity insist on Japanese values and character of mistrust. I think that Japan should review the anti-japan hatred is his hand planted, can turn a blind eye? But today's anti-japanese Chinese inside, the younger generation is the mainstream.
Young people in China, why? Perhaps the same for China who dislike the Japanese would categorically: "they envy us economic achievements, can we everywhere." than they hold this view of Japanese is not a few, as the world's second largest economy, it is their natural pride. Unfortunately, they do not understand Chinese. This logic, according to their coveted Chinese americans distrust and the object. Actually, the Chinese side for many americans impressions exceptionally good, even in the Taiwan question, many people will distinguish: this is not equal to the U.S. government American people. In China, a young man publicly declared like America will not be moving to different perspective, but if publicly declared like Japan, ha ha, good luck to him, if not handled properly, he will in very short time was completely isolated,UGG nightfall black the most obvious way to pack "incident" zhao ensign.
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Japan had baffled why China's young generation such anti-japanese
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