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 Why can't become China developed countries

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PostSubject: Why can't become China developed countries   Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:26 am

Sixty years, founding the 30th anniversary of reform,discount UGG boots China why haven't can be developed countries? And after world war ii, the Japanese than it is far from us, from 1945, three years after the family that already in 1975, is a developed country, and per capita income has equal, Japan and the United States in 1961 to 1970 the plan implementation of national income, and the three years prior to the realization of the target of national income multiplier. I have told you, the world is the euro-american white aggression, east yellow become rich only after the Meiji restoration, including Japan, Japan after world war ii, and Asian tigers, after the reform and opening of China, Asia, with excellent for the Chinese people, why can't copy the miracle of Japan and quickly became the developed countries? Chinese is much less resources? Of course not, Japanese people more and more resources. In fact, China can't be developed countries is not the real reason, but that we didn't even understand what country can be developed countries. According to the others say, is not the way to do that is not only the rich countries poor quite true logic, may become that of developed countries. This is the book of a task.
In the world is such a country: the country has 20 years of rapid growth (average more than 10%), The government is very strong, firmly in control the society,UGG nightfall black The country executes very free market economy, at the same time open, Driven by the export-oriented economy in the village, the country into industrialized city, The country's coast of corruption, and reviled is often combined with the power of capital become problem, The unfair distribution of worsening phenomenon, The scholars have a popular saying that corruption is not big, even said corruption but economic development power, The banking system, the financial system is bad account many health.
It is also said China? Of course not, is Indonesia. A country maintain long-term economic growth while the high speed is good, but not a beautiful hide 100 ugly. But in China, and even in the world, many studies of the development of the third world, a very wide knowledge or concept, namely, as long as a national high speed of economic growth, that all is well known, this concept is Indonesia or veto crisis. After the coup in Indonesia, has been successfully suharto with mandatory method, but also promote industrial modernization in 20 years in the global growth, many countries have to invest in Indonesia. In this process, a lot of people in Indonesia from agricultural civilization at the village, the industrial society forward. Therefore in the 20 years of rule, suharto to this country contribution is too big, national should thank him. But in the rapid development and also in the stable for 20 years, the government didn't see clearly that the problem of social accumulation in Indonesia - privileges group collusion, serious inequality and corruption, financial institutions, etc. The canker Results in the globalization tide, the 1997 financial crisis, Indonesia in twenty years in several months achievements of lost almost immediately, conflict, riots,UGG Classic Argyle Knit almost all most foreign between days away.
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PostSubject: Re: Why can't become China developed countries   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:01 am

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Why can't become China developed countries
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