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 People is the motivity of the development of system

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PostSubject: People is the motivity of the development of system   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:48 am

Ponder, along with the contradiction and sharp, cooperation between the people and the government seems to become more and more

UGG Boots Outlet If the household contract responsibility system in 1978 from the

beginning of the central government, even is the central and local governments actively promote the results under the state

council, 2003, at least in public pressure decisively to abolish the implementation of half a century of holding the analysis.

However, strong vested interest groups have parasitic in unfair system framework and in turn use power resources, thus maintain

existing pattern, ropey even system reform. TangFuZhen burning and caused and sun zhi-gang events also public response, scholars

wrote NPC also got the extensive social response, but the city council homeopathic land expropriation compensation bill but

encounter with heavy resistance, local governments have continued below. Recent events have occurred on the system reform of the

trade union is a chance, but with the local government, lest the leaked news, even and bad players' strike,

cheap UGG boots it is still the unemployed worker risked the risk that improved

seed can bear fruit in any system.
In the system under the condition of not substantial improvement, Chinese society will continue on the TangFuZhen, sun zhi-gang

scenes of tragedy. If you can solve social tragedy, it institutionalization only through the network media, such as judge feel

institutionalized expression of their emotions, the society will accumulate disappointment, helpless, pessimism, anger, the

opposition and distrust, recently frequent extremists attacks, and is an infant events will be vested instability of society and

environment protection forcefully resort. Along with the social and ecological deteriorating, the improvement of the system of

cooperation and opportunities will be increasingly frail, corruption and violence hooliganism, power resistance, such extreme

events in China by land or will be remembered. To prevent this disaster, the government must be aggressive, strict reform vision

and ambition, through which system contain abuse of power and destroy the roots, and make China tragedy,

cheap ugg the system of cooperation and progress into the benign circulation.
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People is the motivity of the development of system
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