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PostSubject: Choose tip   Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:40 am

1. See appearance. Product quality cosmetics should maintain a stable and uniform appearance of transparency products to keep the

good transparency. The paste is exquisite,
UGG Boots Outlet transparent product oil, no functional not coarse, Products and

good stability light discoloration.
2. Smell. Most cosmetics, adding a small amount to conceal the flavor of raw materials such as oil, but bad smell flavor in the

system of good stability, harmonious and unified, pleasant fragrance.
3. See label. Now all ingredients labels of cosmetic requirements, or when the choose and buy should choose large famous

companies in the label of the product, product name,cheap UGG boots recipe

composition, standards, the production date, shelf-life, factory locates on should be complete. Special attention should be paid

to formula composition, whether a user sensitive materials, such as ethanol, lanolin, etc. (a few consumer of this kind of

material allergy).
4. See the product type. Cosmetics in use process its function has no unified standard for consumers, the characteristics of the

skin, suitable for different types of products selection. Should pay attention to your skin characteristic and the

characteristics of the product, should according to the characteristics of different season, the skin with different types of

5. See the price. Cosmetics is a lucrative product, skincare cosmetics basic function is skin, protect wet, nutrition, and hair

type, cosmetics is assigned to recuperate, nutrition, some cosmetic effect sex or a concept, not more expensive product its

efficiency and better.
6. See mucosity sensation. The skin feeling and cosmetics, but not in use is consumer mucosity sensation in the process of the

first sense that because of the skin and varies in use process, cheap ugg product

should not sticky, not greasy, have good spreading and permeability.
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