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  Unemployment problem

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PostSubject: Unemployment problem    Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:52 am

Americans think europeans nue crazy practice is absolutely. cheap UGG Boots America

has a reputation of a country in economists think the recession should fiscal austerity. America and Europe which one is right?
I think, the American economic stimulus beliefs about the wrong too weird. From the economic theory, a small open economies

cannot use to change its economic stimulus economic trend, because it is too much contact with the outside.
Such as America's large economies are more inclined to think a closed economy. Therefore, the stimulation can produce effect. But

the American economy, the amount of the global economy has one half of 50 years from now down to a quarter of. Today's America is

more close to a small open economies, but not closed economy.
At present, global trade and foreign direct investment accounts for half of the global economic value. This makes every country

economy are like a small open economies. Multinational company leading the trade and capital flows. They invest in worldwide

distribution and manufacturing activities, namely, the world is immense. When using the economic stimulus, it stimulated domestic

demand, but for the domestic supply limited contribution. UGG Boots Outlet

Therefore, the economic stimulus does not cause virtuous circle between supply and demand.
People generally assume more growth can lead to more wealth. But unfortunately, in an affluent countries, more economic growth

can lead to fewer wealth. Most American economists affirmation, but they scoffed that after ten years will agree with me.
The global economy is a basic challenge in the developing world, the huge population can be obtained with the western workers,

but also competitive productivity gain no wealth for the same. This disparity caused by foreign direct investment and trade flows

to developing countries. This from rich countries to developing countries a wealth redistribution.

cheap UGG This is a process of developed countries and the speed of growth is

proportional to the demand.
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Unemployment problem
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