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  Obama to low ratings

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PostSubject: Obama to low ratings   Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:25 am

According to opinion polls, americans for Obama remains above their assessment of the congress,UGG Boots Outlet but both the popularity figures of balance is narrowing. About 70 percent of people said they have no confidence to Democrats, about the same number of people said they have no confidence to republican Congressman.
Overall, 36% of the respondents said President and Democrats and republicans have no confidence, or only little faith, In support of the independent voters, this ratio is higher. The data also show that around two-thirds of voters said, the federal government operation to let them dissatisfaction or angry.American before four months mid-term congressional elections were held after half a term, cheap UGG Boots Mr Obama will depend on mid-term elections. Voters overall discontent is expected to make some members cannot stay. Only 26 percent of people in the November election support their representative, 62 percent said it would support others.
In both the house and the senate, the Democrats have in the November election to defend their seats. In the election, the republicans and the Democrats, voters ratio quite close to 49% and 45 percent respectively.
Slightly more voters say they hope to republican congress, republicans control can supervise the democratic presidential policy. Probably voters to support among republicans and Democrats will support and 41% of 56 percent respectively.
The mid-term elections in economic subject for the campaign is key, almost all voters economic status of negative evaluation. But, compare with early 2009, said the economy "bad" is greatly reduced. cheap UGG The survey shows that only about a quarter of the people in that economic improvement.
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Obama to low ratings
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