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 China's economic risk than America

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PostSubject: China's economic risk than America   Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:27 am

China's economic data in the second quarter of the year we had expected complies with the back, edition.christian louboutin outlet Although the overall look first data, could also ugly, or can be very good-looking. However, the future? I insist on judgment, downside risks can not be ignored. Fortunately, the policy is now turning to the investment and monetary relax all began to do. If not, the fourth quarter GDP growth is expected to reduce the shall fall.
The data confirm our judgement, now is not considered inflation, but more should always beware of deflation. From now CPI increase 2.6%, a new data structure price factor accounted for only the 1.2 percentage points, while 1.4 percentage points are QiaoWei factors results. Economists believe that prices generally deflationary below 1% rise, and remove QiaoWei belongs to the price rise 1.2% factors, is only in the edge of the deflation.
Future price movements may occur structural transformation. In the past, is mainly composed of food and raw material prices push the CPI, but will be in the future? We from international commodity price movements in the price of raw materials,black christian louboutin pump there will be a time impetus to the weakening, But from domestic frequent natural calamities perspective, the future of prices of food prices will force improved.
The future of GDP growth cannot expect net exports. From this year, the surplus year-on-year is greatly reduced, about 40%. And, earlier this year, the export of good situation may soon disappear. The federal reserve announced yesterday that discussion meeting minutes, the fed has cut the us growth forecasts. They think, economic prospects are to some extent is weakening.christian louboutin glitter shoes Although still need new measures to stimulate economic prospects, but the risks have to downside risks. Statistics show that the loan amount, individual consumers reduce 149 billion in April, may reduce the $91 again,
For China, the difficulty. But if policy is not wrong, insists the proactive fiscal policy and moderate looser monetary policy, the difficulty will be reduced greatly. Now someone to maintain fast yet steady economic development and change the mode of economic growth, this is wrong. Actually, it is more traditional industrial merger and reorganization of the best opportunity. I think, the central and local financial capacity in the second half, if use the direction of small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement strategic industry, new tax cuts.[url=http://www.cometochristian.com/christian-louboutin-sandalsc 238.html]christian louboutin online store[/url] Economy will be very quick restore vitality. And this is the domestic economy.
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PostSubject: Re: China's economic risk than America   Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:36 am

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China's economic risk than America
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