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 The Chinese only in adolescence are looking at the stars

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PostSubject: The Chinese only in adolescence are looking at the stars   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:12 am

Youth is the only sound was a very wonderful and kind words.
It was warm hug and every one of us, but in the long river of life,christian louboutin outlet it is so short a
fortune, he not return. Miss green, seems to be the only thing to do after youth, is increasingly is treasured up all his life, let every man.
In youth, people dream of youth, at least, that did look today we want all dare not to think, it is a ZiQing longitudinal, follow one's inclinations. Remember, always feel that often because of our young and those things, rather than the young. Just dare to think, dare to do, is the highest guiding ideology that age, so we simply, happy, and full of vigor. Almost without exception, from one day, we become too compliant, who began to continue their pursuit, down-to-earth and no longer looked up at the sky,black christian louboutin pump to start with the first city house and became even all ticket machine, machine and operation, in numbly someday tiredly. phraseology or wake up suddenly discovered, the youth it away, quiet.
Youth is mysterious, it is a kind of life, full of vigor and the infinite element passion. It is not because of your young, it can accompany you life. In other words, it's only after you have no energy and passion time quietly - obviously, exit is not to need to machine, it only need the lubricant on it, eat.
In China, the youth is scarce and short. After adolescence long life, people will money as the highest guiding ideology, money becomes a never-ending goal. For the Chinese people's life values so far away? Actually far we want to explore the sky? christian louboutin glitter shoes This is really a misleading. The misleading let you feel sky is a number of things.
So in China who is the sky, the youth young. Once you down-to-earth, passion and vitality also vanished. The remaining, but missed. This is the Chinese life.
This is how regret. Actually, the youth who are living in the youth passion and vitality of this should not be lost, it is the best proof that we were still alive. Conversely, such as machine, is the biggest economic background of a slave,christian louboutin online store he embodies the value of life, but only is value is mentioned.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chinese only in adolescence are looking at the stars   Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:32 am

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The Chinese only in adolescence are looking at the stars
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