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  American "Pacific rim of the war" is aim at China

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PostSubject: American "Pacific rim of the war" is aim at China   Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:35 am

America's war is called "the Pacific rim 2010", this drill from 1971 start,UGG Classic Argyle Knit held every two years, at the start of the year, when the first held in the Soviet union Pacific fleet is exercise. After the collapse of the Soviet union, the drill into two because American threats in the Pacific. With the rise of China, mainly in the United States, Australia, the Allies after gradually expanded to the east coast of some countries, like Chile, Colombia, Peru, Canada, Argentina, these countries. West coast has been expanded to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, South Korea. Each invited some European countries. Originally in English every year, this year, this is not in France and the Netherlands. Scale is very big, the exercise subjects targeted is very strong, the campaign is to put in a country, west Pacific island to a way of aggression, aggression is large, sea blockade and aerial bombardment.discount UGG boots This kind of circumstance America led its Allies and other countries fleet to liberate the island of Taiwan, before a few years we prepare the military struggle of get more exercise. In order to ease tensions since the 2006 China, please send a GuanMaTuan go to have a look. Do not please us.

This assumption in the western Pacific have such a superpower, it has many areas demarcated, these areas it doesn't let other countries. In this case, other countries to break it, its blockade, then attack submarine in the ocean that American freedom of navigation. The pertinence and strong. But such a campaign to set in the United States, in the air for large-scale sea antiship warfare drill, South Korea and Japan as the enemy submarine submarines, other countries on hunting dive. Exercise time is very long,UGG nightfall black begin from June 23rd continues to bayi ended.
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American "Pacific rim of the war" is aim at China
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